Graphene Serie

Graphene Serie

Graphene Serie

We add GRAPHENE NANOPLATELETS in matrix Materials (PLA, ABS, PET,...)

Graphene nanoplatelets powder is produced using a proprietary “top down” green process based on mechanical exfoliation, without the use of any chemical or solvent.

This patented method allows tuning the manufacture process to obtain different grades of graphene nanoplatelets with different characteristics that will ensure the adaptation of the material to the final application of each client.

Appearance                   Black powder
Number of layers           2 to 10
Relative density              0.2 g/cm3
Carbon content               90-97%
Specific area                   500 m2/g
Lateral size                     80 – 300 nm
Electrical conductivity 650 S/m

Graphene is a single atomic layer of carbon atoms that is a million times thinner than paper, stronger than a diamond and more conductive than copper. Its applications are varied and becoming widely recognized. Graphene is non toxic, mechanically strong and is a superb conductor of electricity and heat.

Many traditional manufacturers are seeking to implement graphene to make their products

Thermally & Electrically conductive


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Nuevo PLA + Graphene filament

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